About The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

We are seoexpertosim, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh that takes your business to new heights by giving you high-quality Online Marketing services. We have highly experienced team members in all fields such as SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, WordPress theme Development, Fix google Merchant Suspension Issue, Graphic Design and Content Writing, etc. We have worked with clients in various industries across the globe, and we have been successful in helping them get better rankings and greater traction.

Who Am I ?

Hello, My name is Osim Kumar. I am the Best SEO Specialist in Bangladesh. I have been working as a freelancer for a long time now, and I have gained the experience needed to be known as one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. Being an SEO expert is my specialty. Without being properly optimized, any website’s work would come to halt. In addition to making money by optimizing websites, I can help you make your website easily found on search engine queries such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

After working for many years as the Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh, he has also gained extensive experience in his field. He has worked for many clients in Bangladesh and all of them have been greatly impressed with his work. Our 100+ clients trust us wholeheartedly, and we always ensure that they are satisfied. Our client’s praise is proof of our hard work in providing top-notch quality services. We look forward to working with you soon!

I am an honest, hardworking, friendly and dedicated individual who is eager to excel in a specific field. I am highly motivated by challenges and the discovery of new endeavors. I take pride in my ability to contribute to my teams’ success, leaving them with a sense of achievement.

Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh
Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh
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What I Do?

SEOExpertOsim is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. Our aim is to create the most effective, creative, and successful online marketing campaigns for our clients, in order to promote their brands and businesses on a global scale and provide them with an opportunity to become known worldwide.

Why Am I Different than others?

My journey as the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh began back in 2018 when I got my first client. Since then, I have learned many new things and gotten to know the preferences of different kinds of clients that come to me for help. Each client is different from the other. They all want something different from me and want me to build a website for them, with different preferences for different Websites. In addition to knowing about the client’s preferences, I also know how to deliver results.

There is no secret behind my success; in being the best. However, continuously learning more about the field and keeping updating myself with the latest trends of Search Engine Optimization can help you have an edge over your competitors.

About The-Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh SEOExpert Osim

Why choose me as the best SEO expert in Bangladesh and give me a job

I am the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. This is because I don’t compromise with quality and I make sure that my clients are satisfied before their project is completed. Besides, here are some reasons why you can think my SEO Company in Bangladesh is the best option to choose if you are looking for Local SEO services in Bangladesh.


SEOExpert Osim is one of the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh who will rank your website on the first page of Google. General Information about SEO Expert Osim: Researched the key phrases, purchasing Keywords and analyzing the Authority of those keyword. And check Keywords Competition and then work accordingly. Doing keyword research during on-page SEO process, target those keywords and add in to the body content. Do SEO by adding off-page SEO while making quality backlinks. I do all of these processes as a perfect SEO expert and all around Webmaster.I’ve been in this field for quite a long time and constantly working to improve my skills by learning from other experts and from experience. One of my clients once quoted “People are always better than their predictions.” This quote wasn’t just generalization but indeed correct when you look at the progress of this website through my service. And I am very proud of the fact that by now I have successfully ranked several of my clients’ websites on first page of google. The quotes above are some examples to show you how well my clients are satisfied with my service. I believe every business needs an SEO expert to reach its full potential and boost up ROI for their business investments as well as faster growth.


If you wish to enhance your potential customers and optimize your brand name in search engines, then you are at the right spot. We are one of the most responsible, accountable and transparent digital marketing companies in Bangladesh providing various online marketing solutions in Bangladesh since 2018. Our mission is to make your business visible online for consumer acquisition, Website positioning (SEO), Social Ads, Online Reputation Management with guaranteed results. We bring strategy development and internet marketing to new level by caring about your goal not just as a project, but as a partner contributing to your firm’s continued success.We are glad to introduce the name of a Local SEO Expert, Who is one of the most professional and experienced Internet Marketing Company in Bangladesh. Are you looking for a trustworthy and result-oriented SEO Expert? If yes, then look no further. SEOExpert Osim will help your website rank on the first page of Google and other top-rated Search Engines within the updated and latest Search Engine guidelines. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to help your website get to the Google first page. I will be able to get your website on the first page of any search engine you like with the best method if SEO works according to all the rules. It will not rank your website but will take your business to the next level and you will have success.

All the rules and regulations of GOOGLE have been updated and you can see the details

Being an SEO expert team in Bangladesh we truly have SEO experts, SEO specialists, and SEO master consultants who have years of experience on the subject of SEO.Our SEO specialists know better than your normal person about Search Engine Optimization. They all are very interactive and establish a good connection with their clients. Our team is competent enough to take up any kind of digital marketing training project at any prestigious level. We are able to take up complex level projects as we have highly skilled people who are specialized in the different areas of digital marketing service. If you really want to be fruitful in your business then you need to hire a competent digital marketing agency as they will do everything they can as per the instructions from their client, that’s why our team is trustworthy enough to do anything for you. We will design a strategic plan that can help you make more online presence for your organization through search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and lead generation processes which can be scaled for future growth. Being the best SEO Expert Team in Bangladesh we truly have a skilled team consisting of professional, experienced and talented people who are always ready to serve on every works related concerns with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


At SEOExpertOsim, you don’t just get SEO, you get the best SEO service in Bangladesh. We have been offering this service for over 4+ years; in that time, we have helped thousands of organizations market their products online, and helped them develop a solid online presence. I believe in long-lasting relationships, so I offer my clients a range of services other than SEO. From social media optimization to social media marketing like Facebook campaigns and more, I have experts on staff that can help your business become ubiquitous across the web.I can help you make your page number 1 in Google search.My digital marketing service is not just limited SEO. We offer a comprehensive online marketing and SEO solution for new and existing businesses. Our main objective is that you should get more traffic to your website. So we need to promote your site via social media platforms like Facebook. We work as per client’s requirements and requirement for every case is different so the plan specific for each one of them. Together we will get success.

My Job Experience

Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh

I started my career as an SEO intern at Eshikhon IT in Bangladesh. Then I got the position of SEO Specialist in the Advertising Department of European Piano Academy, a Corporate SEO Agency. In that job I had to take care of 2 clients and high competition in search engine. It was a new challenge and I learned a lot of skills there, especially how to manage high level projects and marketing. I worked as an SEO lead in the digital marketing department where I had to tailor strategies to the client’s needs. During my work here I have had the opportunity to work with other departments to provide new ideas and technologies through which we can get better results. In these 2 positions, I have learned all the ins and outs, such as effective communication, project implementation and getting the best results over time. I am currently working in various marketplaces as a freelancer.

Our Team of Professionals

All Expert

Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh


CEO & Founder

Osim Kumar is The Chief Executing Officer on seoexpertosim.com. He Leads The Team and Making Plan For All Projects.He has a lot of experience in various fields. He has a lot of good ideas about SEO, Digital marketing, Email Marketing. For many years he has been working in various marketplaces and locally with confidence.

SEO Expert Osim has a valid and real life experience as an SEO expert for over 2+ years in the field of SEO. The SEO industry has a very rare contribution not only in Bangladesh but also in international platforms. He has worked for various websites locally and internationally. SEO Expert Osim loves to get his hands on huge ideas and challenges. You will get the most exceptional experience if you offer SEO Expert Osim to address your technical issues for your finance site! Its working methods are world class. It is now very clear that he is the master of maintaining the high-level form that launches your website into the Internet world. He can work in a timely manner to rank a website according to the client specifications. Her clients have described her work processes as extremely clear, transparent, resourceful, helpful, meaningful and effective. Because his work provides much better quality work than any other SEO expert and he always makes his clients happy.

Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh


Digital & Email Marketer

Prithy Paul is a Digital & Email Marketer. He over sees all the work of SEO expert Osim. He solves all our problems when we need any web developer work.

Our website is not only seo but also very good digital marketing, email marketing and wordpress theme development. You don’t have to go anywhere else for these tasks.

SEO expert Osim is a well known SEO expert in Bangladesh and working as an SEO expert at SEOExpertOsim, a leading SEO company in Bangladesh. By becoming a part of SEOExpertOsim you will have the freedom to reach international landmarks in a short time due to its vast experience and expertise. It will only take a few weeks after the job to get your website ready to rank at the right level. You can also find an accurate white-hat guide that will set your entire online business on the right track. All of these things are possible if you are given the opportunity to work with professional experts in the industry who aim for success. The success rate is significant and can be seen at different stages.If you need very good quality service and if you are looking for someone trustworthy then my website is just for you. We work honestly and make money transactions. Even if you want a business idea, we give it away for free . So contact us without delay.

Best SEO Expert In Bangladesh


Graphics Designer

Lincoln is a Graphics Designer. He works mainly with Logo Design, Email Template Design & T-shirt Design. He is currently working in various marketplaces as a freelancer.

You will find many more kinds of very good quality services including our website Graphics Design. Because our SEO Expert Osim website has a team of young experts who will help you in different ways from starting your business idea to increasing sales.

Talented local SEO expert and SEO expert in Bangladesh. I have been in and working in this sector for at least two years. Using my SEO methods I allow sites that allow me to get first page ranking in Google without any problem and without black hat way. So with my hard work you will be able to get your site on the first page of Google. And you know what? You will be on the front page of Google using payment methods like Google Adword or organic method. Most importantly, it’s easier for your business when you’re on the first page of Google than when you’re on the last page of Google search engine results. I know how to get your business website on the first page of Google, whatever your business niche is. My methods are always up to date with Google Algorithm Updates such as Penguin and Panda. So rest assured that using my services does not get you penalized in any way by Google.

My Satisfied Clients

I had a lot of problems with my website. But Osim has solved all my problems. He has done everything from publishing my website content, on-page SEO, technical SEO & off-page SEO. And I got my website ranked with many keywords.
Best Digital Marketing Agency In Bangladesh
Illya Zozulya
This is really good service! worth to buy! I recommend buy this service, thanks.
Best SEO Expert In Bangldesh
Very Good On page SEO & Off Page SEO Service.My website sales have grown so much that it is impossible to express in words. Thank you, OSIM VOUMIK.
Best seo expert in bangladesh,
Great seller with fast response and delivery. There was a problem with the order initially but he fixed it very quickly and the gig was delivered on time. So Thank you.. !!
seo expert in bangladesh,